• Create a List

    On mysocialtab there are set lists such as shopping list, gourmet list, reading list etc that users can add to. They can also create a list for a specific occasion such as a wedding list or for their convenience such as a regular list and add almost anything they wish to.

  • Social Sharing

    Users can share their list with friends and family particularly useful for gifting. They can even make a post public and get advice or opinion from other users.

  • Regular Updates

    Users can be updated with additional information, special discounts, upcoming deals, stock availability etc for everything that they add to their mysocialtab account.

  • Comparison list

    Everyone wants to compare similar things before they make a decision. Using mysocialtab users can create an effective comparison list and accurately compare almost anything.

Ways users can add to mysocialtab

  • Via email (Recommended)

  • Via tabbing

  • Via browser (Coming soon)

  • Via 1000+ third party sites

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